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The past few days have been interesting for me as a writer.  I’ve had a few things in the works and was anxiously waiting to hear back on them.  Well…I did and the results were mixed.

I submitted a flash fiction piece for a small publisher that was putting together an anthology of new writers.  My story made it through the first selection round and I had hope that I was close to being published.  As the days rolled on and I eagerly checked my email several times a day (more like several times an hour!) I started to worry that maybe it wasn’t going to happen.  My worries were justified as I received the fateful email telling me they had passed on it.  However, they were gracious in their letter and stated “Your story was intriguing and we truly enjoyed reading it.  We considered you talented but the story is not what we are looking at for this time.”  Maybe it’s a stock response, maybe it’s not.  But to me, it was hope.  I’ll hang my hat on it.

The other exciting project I had going on was work for a video game.  I was lucky enough to know someone involved in a new game set to release in late 2016.  I contacted the lead on the game and was given an opportunity to write some small missions as a starter and if all went well, the ability to write more for the game.  I submitted my missions about a week ahead of schedule and a few days later I received their response.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled!  There are a few minor changes needed, but overall they were accepted “as-is.”  Like my email from the publisher, they had some encouraging words such as “I love the missions you’ve submitted” and “your grasp of dialogue is great.”  After making the changes asked for, I’ll be given more missions to work on.  It’s an interesting and exciting opportunity for me and my writing career.  I look forward to working with the team further.

So, the saga continues.  I will write more because I want to.  I will submit more when I can.  I’ve got a couple novels written that need a good home.  The life of a writer, right?

1 thought on “Writing News

  1. I had been wondering if you had written on your blog for the 15th. I’m glad you posted this on FB so I can still follow your writings.


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