Support Your Local Skateboarder, Part 3

I continue to write for myself, because I have a story to tell.  I enjoy the act of putting thoughts on paper (or more rightly, on a screen) and sharing it with others.  I write because I have to.  I write to let out the creativity inside.  I don’t write for money or fame, though if I’m honest, I wouldn’t mind any of that.  It’s just not the reason I put my thoughts down for all to read.

In a way, skateboarding taught me this lesson.

Skating was so much fun.  I met many interesting and diverse people.  I had a skate team in Cleveland (the Circle P) and when I moved to Illinois, I found a great group of skaters known as the PMC, Purple Moon Commandos, and I’ve been a part of it ever since.  The PMC was a group of skaters that wanted nothing more than to skate because it was fun.  We had no delusions of being professionals.  We had no attitude like we were better than others.  We accepted and encouraged all skaters.  We were a community interested in building each other up.  To this day, we relate to each other because of our skating days.  We may have lost members of our group (thinking of you Erik) and we may not skate anymore, but we all learned so much from our time together.

For me, the greatest lesson learned was to never stop.  Stay persistent.  Continue on just because you love it.  Push that “stunt-wood” around for the heck of it.  Money and fame were not the reason we skated.  We skated because we wanted to, because it was in our blood.

Writing has become that for me.  I’d love to make a living off my work, but that’s not the end goal.  My reason to write is because it’s in my blood.  The persistence I learned in skating transferred to my writing.  I’ve been writing fiction for maybe 5-6 years now.  I started because I enjoyed it and others encouraged me, just like skating where I had others supporting me.  I continue to write to challenge myself.  I want to improve and write better.

The next time you see one of those “skate punks” out there making black marks on concrete or falling down in the street, take a moment to encourage them.  You have no idea what they’ll end up being in life.  But you can bet they will work hard at it.

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