Getting My First Story Published

As I indicated in my last post, I was finally able to break through and get one of my stories published (Here’s a link to the story: It was an exciting moment for me. Someone actually paid me…me! for the opportunity to publish and promote something I wrote. I’m still thrilled about it. 

When I tell others, who aren’t writers, about my good fortune, the response is varied. Some brush it off as no big deal. “Oh…its online?” they say to me, a hint of skepticism in their voice. I somewhat understand that attitude. Anyone can write whatever they want and post it for all to read, like this blog your reading now. When I mention they paid me, their tone shifts quickly. It’s legitimate to them at that point.

Others are genuinely excited and supportive. No matter what the circumstances are behind the publishing path. I have the greatest respect for them and their support means so much to me. 

The entire process since I received the email informing me my story was chosen for publication has been interesting and eye opening for me.

I know some writers won’t count getting published the way I did as a major sale. For me it’s validation, beyond what my greatest supporters have been telling me, that when I work hard enough, I can succeed. And I have some small amount of skill to go along with that. 

Once my story was posted, I was so excited and promoted it through my social media channels. Others who’d never heard of me before were now reading my work. I’ll be honest, it intimidated me a little. Once a few not so pleasant comments were posted, I began to wonder what was I doing. Could I cut it as a writer? Was I a hack? But you know, I think any writer goes through those moments when they doubt themselves. I looked at those comments and the low star rating and I’d get bummed but then a simple thought kept resurfacing in my mind:

I’m published. That can’t be taken away from me. I’m published.

Someone other than my closest supporters thought my writing had value. That’s good enough for me! I consoled myself with that thought. It’s tough being criticized but in the end, it is beneficial to me if I take the comments in a constructive way. It doesn’t mean I have to do what’s being said or change because it didn’t fit with that person’s ideal story. It means I should consider other possibilities and see what works best for me and my writing in the future. 

So in then end, once all is settled from the exposure of my work to the world, I’d like to say thanks to you who believe in me. Your encouragement means more than you know. And anyone else that’s new to my world…welcome! 

1 thought on “Getting My First Story Published

  1. I read those comments too, and was hoping you would take them for what they were, constructive criticism. Your story apparently had worth to the people who paid you to publish it. As you said, no one or comment, can take that away. Write On!!


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