Top Ten Writing Excuses

With David Letterman taking his final bow this past week, I felt a top 10 list was due in his honor. Let’s get right to my Top 10 Writing Excuses (with apologies to the Writing Excuses podcast!)

10). But…there’s a game on

9). I’m tired 

8). You know what, I really want to read [insert name of distraction here!]

7). Oh, I need to check Twitter. And Facebook. Aaanndd Google+

6). Blank screen intimidation.

5). The grass. It needs to be cut (or some other chore I can think of)

4). After working all day, though not a physically demanding job, my brain is fried.

3). Games. On my phone.


2). D V R. I’ve got to catch up on my shows!

1) I’ll just take the night off and write tomorrow. 

It’s hard enough to be creative. It’s infinitely harder when I distract myself with things that often aren’t worth my time. How many of these have you lost valuable writing time to?

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