Cleveland Lenses

I’ve talked about this before but it needs addressing bit more in depth. I think I have more explaining to do.  

My worldview is seen through the eyes of Cleveland. Better yet, I frame things as though I’ve got a great big glob of Cleveland covering my eyes. I know it sounds gross, but it’s not that bad.

If you aren’t from there, I don’t expect you to understand. Just…nod your head and let us go by. We’re harmless.

Cleveland is a great city full of vibrant culture and economy. It’s a port city and full of ethnic diversity. And yet there seems to me to be a certain way of viewing the world.

Using my Cleveland lenses, I see things as potential disasters all the time. I see the world as one step away from ridicule and shame. Paranoia is around every corner, creeping and ready to sink in. It’s real folks.

We’ve got good reason to think that. You tell me what other city had their river catch on fire. The river. On fire…yeah, that’s right. But at least it spawned the EPA.

Then there are so many sports close calls it’s painful. The Drive. The Fumble. The Move. The seventh inning against the freaking Marlins. The Decision. 

Every moment is seen through eyes that await the shoe to fall, that expect that shoe to come crushing down and destroying all hopes and dreams. 

But…that hope it tries to crush is real man. That hope, which at times feels like it’s about to lose, always keeps going. It’s what spurs us on. It’s what continues to fuel us even though the end might be gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, and always elusive victory. 

That’s the lense I use. That’s how I see the world. Always paranoid with a touch of hope. 

So what’s your lense? How do you view the world?

4 thoughts on “Cleveland Lenses

    1. Ah nice, the S.F. Bay Area. I hear it’s beautiful out there.
      No matter if you live there or not (I haven’t lived in Cleveland for over 20 years) I still view the world through those lenses.
      Thanks for sharing!


  1. I see the world through a concept of “Gift”. All is gift. We’re here to empower others so they can go and empower their communities. I believe very strongly in servant hood because of that. I look for how I can use my gifts to impact others. It’s not just enough to think it- it’s something that must be lived. What if everyone were to think like that? What if we lived a life of gift? I wrote an article about authorship and gift-

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