Here’s a fun story exposing why we’re all tired.  I hope you enjoy! If so, please leave a comment or share it with others.

A warm darkness permeated the bedroom.  It promised to suffocate any living thing.  The inky blackness shrouded the entire room in a hopeless gloom.  The only visible objects were the sharp, crooked fangs of the dreamwraith looming over its prey.

Under a patchwork quilt stitched together by her grandmother’s wrinkled, loving hands, Shannon lay in a deep sleep, unaware of the evil hovering just above her.  Her soft blonde curls fell about her face in gentle caresses.  Her body grew and shrank with each deep breath.

Above her, the dreamwraith grinned.  His black cloak unnecessary in the late hours as the moon dared not shine this night.  “I’m ready to feast,” he said out loud.  His wispy voice carried across the dark room.  He learned long ago that at this hour, his chances of being caught were slim.  The chance existed, but that was only one of many things that excited him about being a dreamwraith.

“My lovely Shannon, how I’ve missed you.  I’ve been waiting to feast upon your dreams once again.  Their flavor so delicate and succulent.  Feed me well yet again,” the dreamwraith said.  His white eyes darted up and down the bed looking at the gentle woman sleeping unaware of her visitor.

Shannon was young and still in college working on her degree in Medieval literature.  A degree almost worthless in rural Ohio, but yet she stuck with her passion to the dismay of her parents.

Shifting her position on the bed, she lay on her stomach, one leg hanging out of the quilt.  Saliva dripped from the dreamwraith’s mouth as Shannon’s movement made his heartbeat quicken.

With a long bony hand, the dreamwraith reached out and palmed her head.  Suddenly his vision went from oppressive black to vibrant blues and deep verdant shades.  He looked around and saw forests and a mighty river flowing to his right.  The rushing water crashed on rocks which stuck out from the river like sentries.

The dreamwraith smiled again.  He tasted the sweetness of Shannon’s dream, could taste the overwhelming freedom and his urges pushed him over the edge.  He stood there on a field of green dotted with yellows and reds and violets in his black cloak, a jarring reminder of his task to take away the dreams of humans.

He reached out to the ground and scraped at it with his gray-boned fingers.  Shoving the delicacy in his mouth, he closed his eyes as he savored the sweet nectar of Shannon’s dream.  The honey-like consistency coated his mouth and throat.  He choked on it, but that was why he came back.  No other dreams he’d eaten tasted like hers.

His kind wasn’t supposed to be attached to any one person.  They were supposed to go from one to another lest the human discovered them.  Dreamwraiths have been caught over the years, but they always figured out a way to silence the person.  They were forbidden to return to any human until five years had passed.  That was enough time for the human to forget anything out of the ordinary happened.

But he couldn’t stay away.

This was the dreamwraith’s third visit to Shannon in the past year.  Her dreams were a powerful drug, an addiction he couldn’t get rid of even if he wanted to.  Just the thought of them made his knees tremble and his mouth water.  When the inferior dreams no longer satisfied him, he visited Shannon to feast on her exquisite, sumptuous gift.

He scraped more of her dream from the ground shoving it in his mouth.  His mouth exploded in vibrant, exotic flavors.  The unique taste of her dreams coursed through him.  It fueled a lust deep within.  He dropped to the ground and with both bony hands, shoveled the dream into his open maw, greedily gorging on the delectable dream.

Shannon stirred and the dreamwratih found itself in the dark bedroom again.  “No,” it hissed, “you must stay asleep my dear.  You will not turn me away.”  His blank white eyes stared at her.  He lifted his hand to her head again and stood in the green fields once more.  Immediately he dropped to the ground and returned to his gorging, his entire being caught up in the orgiastic pleasure of her dream.

In no time he devoured almost the entire dream, his hunger still not sated.  He stood a moment in the void of what was once her dream with only a small section of blue and green color left.  Savoring the taste of his last bite, he let the flavor wash over him.

Shannon moved and he knew his time was shortening.  Lunging at the spot of color still visible in the dream, he tore at it, shoving it in his mouth, filling himself with her essence.  The moment he took the last bite of her dream, he found himself back in the dark bedroom.

It wasn’t as dark as before.  The tendrils of morning seeped in, breaking the doom of the night.  Slowly the dreamwraith backed away, his lust fulfilled.  He stepped back towards the corner of the room as Shannon moved on the bed.  The patchwork quilt tossed to one side while she moved her arms and rubbed her legs together.  The dreamwraith grinned as he stared at Shannon.  He knew what she tasted like and it was his secret.  She raised from the bed and he winked out of the room, satisfied for now.


Shannon awoke feeling tired as though she hadn’t slept in a long time.  Why am I so tired still? she thought.  For the rest of the day, Shannon couldn’t drink enough coffee or energy drinks to keep her alert and awake.  It reminded her of pulling an all nighter yet she slept for over eight hours the night before.  When she got home from school, she ate a quick dinner and went to bed, her mind and body completely exhausted.  Never knowing why she spent the day with her eyes half open, Shannon drifted off to a peaceful slumber.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! I’ve been trying to write stories with more of a scary/creepy feeling to them. I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by.


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