Guest Post: Max E. Stone

Today I have a guest post from writer Max E. Stone. Max is the author of The Bleeding, August To Life, One Minute There, Black Cradle, A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, and Murder, Madness, and Mystery. I connected with him on Twitter and he was kind enough to offer this essay for the blog and I hope you enjoy it. You can find Max at his website

The Journey into New by Max E. Stone

Summer 2013.

That time was the first venture I’d ever taken across the pond.

Destination: Trieste, Italy.

Both on the nine-hour plane ride and upon arrival in Venice’s Marco Polo Airport, I was determined to enjoy and make the most of the two weeks I’d have there.

That included putting pen to paper in a whole new way.

One bright day, on a train to Venice, three hours in duration, the time and challenge had come.

Surrounded by passengers—some asleep, others readying themselves for various pending destinations—I pulled out my phone and wrote everything I saw and heard, and then some, to the best of my ability.

These words would be the beginning draft of One Minute There, a hardcore thriller/mystery based in both the United States and Italy.

I knew this would be a challenge.

Because this was my first time in the country, I hadn’t initially been sure about maintaining authenticity, dialect, and other things.

But I had to try.

Take the trip, look around, and write the words.

Otherwise, I’d never know what could have been.

In my current travels—which I try to make a little more frequent these days—as with writing, the operative word is “try.”



At first, in the case of trying something new with my writing and traveling, I was naturally scared.

I had no idea what to expect as I chartered unfamiliar territory, despite preparation, packing, and the like.

In the words of Roman Payne, “A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree. One is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander.”

Even in the face of the uncertain, we are wired to journey.

Traveling to new places is a journey.

Writing and finding your footing in a genre you hope to make an impact within is a journey.

With both, there is double the doing, double the movement, and double the trying in the face of the fear and unknown.

Likewise, there is double the reward and, often, home.

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