King of the Hill: Adriaan & Rebecca Brae

As part of my ongoing desire to present new authors to my readers, here is our newest King of the Hill, Adriaan and Rebecca Brae. Their book Chaos Bound (Mist Warden Book 1) is on sale for only .99. If you’re looking for a supernatural thriller, this is for you! Read on for more and feel free to share. Thanks!

When the going gets weird, the tough are useless. You need a geek.

Jessica Clarke is no superhero, and though she believes being smart, curious, and compassionate should be considered qualifications, society has yet to agree.

51mtM4X5f5L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Her life in Coldwater is low-key and predictable, just the way she likes it. Her biggest worries are staying at the top of her classes and avoiding the popular crowd, but a change that will shake the world is already taking hold in her small town.

The death of a classmate kicks her out of her safe routine. Stalked by the supernatural killer, she’ll need to embrace the chaos in order to survive: Lying, stealing, invoking barely understood magic, and even crashing the popular crowd’s house party.

Abandoned by her friends and labeled a troublemaker, she’s determined to find a way to stop the killer, but at what cost?



Get it on Amazon now for only .99!


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