Author Spotlight: Rosalie Redd

Today I’m excited to spotlight author Rosalie Redd! Read on for more about Rosalie and her work.

What is your chosen genre, and why?

I write fantasy romance with a good dose of paranormal and a splash of science fiction. I grew up reading fantasy, horror, and science fiction classics as a kid and loved it! I’d read some romance as a teenager, but when I discovered my first paranormal romance, If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl I was hooked!


Name of your most current book, and if it’s a series, what is the series title and how many volumes are anticipated?

My recent release is Untamable Lover, the second book in my Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony series. How many books are in the series? Well, my characters informed me that there are seven books in this series. They all had to be sure their story was told.


Summary for your most current book.

Panthera leader Demir is stricken by the enemy’s dart and trapped in his fevered, haunted mind with only the memories of his brutal, violent past and his lost mate. When Aramie, his second in command, takes control of the Pride, she breaks one of the revered laws in her quest for the sacred blue sunstone—Demir’s only chance at life. His duty and honor force him to impose punishment despite his unbidden desire to claim her as his mate.

Battle hardened Aramie is strong and determined—she will never bow to the Panthera mating ritual and sacrifice her independence. Instead, her deeply buried feelings for Demir drive her to a dangerous quest and rash decisions. With grief fueling her anger, she takes on a solo mission for revenge, and when Demir’s life is on the line, she must decide—submit to him as his mate, or lose him forever.


Who is your favorite character in the story?

Ooh, tough question. I’d have to say Aramie. She’s a tough, battle-tested, independent warrior who had to raise her sister on her own. In order to overcome her fear, she has to put her faith in Demir, a male who curls her toes in all the right ways.


Are there any short stories or companion novella’s?

Unforgettable Lover is the prequel novella in the Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony series and is about the Betram ritual, when the full moon occurs on the summer solstice and the beasts come out to play. Book one in the series is Untouchable Lover. In addition, there’s a series of short stories called “Love in a Bottle” and are based off of a love potion that falls through a portal from Lemuria to Earth in Untouchable Lover.


What inspired you to write it?

Well, I love the mystery of ancient societies—when civilizations existed before written history. There are many legends about the great civilization of Atlantis and its destruction, but along the way, I heard about an even older civilization called Lemuria. I found a few books on the subject and dived in. The myths and legends surrounding Lemuria indicated a great civilization thrived in the island chains of the Pacific Ocean, disappearing about ten thousand years ago from rising sea levels and a great flood.

Fascinated with this ancient society, I created a series that provided an alternate reality for the Lemurians, showcasing their struggle to survive against an age-old enemy, yet finding love along the way. What if the Lemurians were actually a race of shape-shifters from another planet, here to protect Earth and it’s most precious resource—water? If the Lemurians lived in the Pacific Islands, and were forced to scatter throughout the world due to the destruction of their homeland, maybe they are still hidden among us and continue to battle for Earth? From that, The Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony was created with Untouchable Lover the first book in the series.


Would you like to share an excerpt with us? (1500 words maximum, please).

Of course, I’d love to! Here’s an excerpt from Untouchable Lover:

Noeh’s voice brought Melissa out of her trance. She glanced at him, and her face warmed at being caught admiring his bedroom. His piercing stare made her squirm. She turned around, unable to hold his scrutiny for long.

Glancing at her hands, she took a deep breath. Relax, Mel. This is just about getting nourishment. Don’t look at it as anything else. She inhaled and held it for a few seconds before speaking. “For Dren, feeding is very intimate. You don’t have to do this.”

“You need to feed. I will do it.” Noeh’s voice was low and quiet.

The tone sent shivers across the back of her neck. Her heart began to race, and she turned to face him once again. He covered much of the distance between them and stood mere inches away.

This was wrong on so many levels. She shouldn’t be attracted to him. A memory of William with his gentle smile and kind eyes formed in her mind. Her chest ached.

A door to her left connected to her adjoining room. The entryway offered a temporary safe-haven, one she needed in order to process her conflicting emotions. She brushed past Noeh and tried to ignore his unique scent that heightened her desire. Breathless, she peered over her shoulder. Frustration strained his mouth and the lines around his eyes.

“I’m not sure I can do this. I’m sorry.” She grabbed the door handle, intent on putting as much distance as possible between them.

He grabbed her arms, preventing her from fleeing. “Wait. Tell me what’s wrong.”

His hands on her arms should have angered her, but instead, a strange sense of relief flowed into her body. She didn’t know how to respond, so she stood there, unmoving.

“Please talk to me. I want to help.” His calm voice soothed her racing mind.

Melissa relaxed, closed her eyes, and leaned her head against the door. “Please, I…need some space.”

Noeh released her arms and backed away.

Opening her eyes, Melissa took a slow breath and turned around. A strong, fierce male stared down at her with hooded eyes and full, parted lips. Her fingertips tingled with an overwhelming desire to reach out and touch the curve of his luscious mouth.

What is happening to me? She shook her head and peered at the floor. A lump rose in her throat as remorse filled her, but whether it was for William or for Noeh, she didn’t know.

“Tell me about him,” Noeh said, his tone coaxing.


“The male you won’t let go.”


Would you like to share a couple of teasers?




Do you have a newsletter or blog?

I have a newsletter. I usually send out an email about once a month with info on new releases, giveaways, and free reads. For signing up, I’ll send you a free copy of my short story Come to Me.

Here’s the link:


What other places can we find you?

Places you can find me on the internet…


Where can I purchase a copy of Untouchable Lover?

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:

B&N Nook:




Do you have a website?

Absolutely. Stop by to check out my latest stories!

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