End of Summer Reflection

For the past couple months I’ve been all over the place with writing. Do I keep at it? Do I continue to share with others? Should I stop? Hey, let’s build a Fantasy world for a new novel! Write every day!

Yeah, I’ve covered it all.

I did come to the conclusion that I enjoy writing even if no one else likes it. I think about my current projects all day. It gives me something to expend my increasingly failing intelligence on. Instead of succumbing to the latest episode of Impractical Jokers (thanks for that son!) I use my grey matter to explore new worlds and new people with new problems.

Not that there’s anything wrong with entertainment to escape reality. I mean, that’s what reading is, right? But I’d like to think my efforts are not without long term consequences.

When I started writing many moons ago, it was because I enjoyed creating something original. Something that would succeed or fail on my merits. No one else’s. There’s something freeing yet terrifying about that.

This summer has been a long exercise in patience and learning. I’ve changed how I write and made it a priority instead of an “I’ll get to it when I get to it” activity. I start my days reading and with dedicated time to add new words to stories. I started the Summer of Writing because I needed a push forward. It’s been amazing how undeterred determination improved my outlook on this fascinating craft I love.

Now I’m growing excited as I’ve spent many weeks building a fantasy world I intend on writing about within the coming week. I’ve spent more time on the outline and character creation and overall world building than I’ve ever done. I’ve attempted fantasy novels before but always falter about 10,000 words in. Not this time. I’m setting myself up for success. I hope you’ll stick with me as I build this world and share it with you.

In early October I’ll be releasing a new collection of short stories and couldn’t be more thrilled with the project. I’ll be revealing more info soon. (Better yet, sign up to my email list and be one of the first to know!)

Thanks for your time. Thanks for sticking with me in my moments of doubt. Thanks for your continued support.

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