Cover Reveal: Moments of Darkness

I’m so excited to reveal the cover of my new collection of short stories Moments of Darkness! This is a collection of 14 flash fiction and short stories that could be considered (Almost) Average Anthology vol. 2.

It will be available for pre-order as an ebook for only .99! Soon after launch on October 7th it will go to it’s regular price of $2.99. I encourage you to grab it at the reduced price. You can’t beat 14 original dark fiction stories for less than a $1.00!

Pre-orders should be up within 24 hours of this post on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and other retailers. I hope you enjoy my new collection and take advantage of the .99 pre-order savings!

The cover was created by artist Dan Brown. He did a fantastic job of capturing the feel of the collection. Included on the cover are images pulled from several of the stories. Dan’s concept perfectly depicts my stories and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


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