Author Spotlight: Victor Mark

In my ongoing series highlighting authors you may not yet know, I present Victor Mark.

Author Spotlight: Victor Mark

Today I’m fortunate to present Victor Mark, author of Sebastian in Another World.

Hi Victor, thanks for agreeing to this interview.

Thanks for having me.


Tell us a little about yourself and your background? How long have you been writing?

Almost five years now… Gods, I’m old, haha. I can’t believe it’s really been that long.


What inspired you to start writing?

I honestly can’t remember. Probably something to do with Zelda, cause that’s the oldest story I remember writing.


Tell us a little bit about your current project. Is it a novel, short story, or something else? Is it part of a series?

Which one? I mean it, I’m currently working on editing the second part of Sebastian in Another world, and writing the third part. Also, I have three other stories that I’m writing, on and off. One is about pirates, one is about trees (walking, talking trees; think Ents, but less awesome) and one about a quasi-roman empire conquering the known world.


What genre do you prefer to write in, if any?

Fantasy all the way, for me. I’m huge into fantasy.


What authors influenced you?

Let’s see now. My influences vary depending on what I’m writing. For Sebastian, my biggest influence was C.S. Lewis, but I also drew inspiration, in the storytelling, from George R.R. Martin. ASOIAF is a big inspiration in my quasi-Roman empire story. Jack Whyte’s Camulod Chronicles also helped.


What are you currently reading?

That’s a bit of a story. I’m reading, actually reading, C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy. I’m on Perelandra, but haven’t read it in a while. I’m also midway through Jack Whyte’s A Dream of Eagles, but need to get my hands on one of the books. Also, I’m listening to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. Currently on the second book, The Great Hunt.


Do you write every day? A few days per week?

Um, no, hahaha. I write when I feel like it. Not great for productivity, unfortunately. If I forced myself to write, though, I feel like my writing would suffer.


Do you listen to music when you write? Does it influence how you write?

Sometimes I do, sometimes not. Sometimes I listen to youtube, or movies, or SAO, but usually if I’m trying to write I’ll stick with my own thoughts.


How do you think your writing has changed from when you first started?

I feel like it’s gotten loads better. I mean, I can tell how much better I’ve gotten since I first started. Anyone can see that, if they know where to look.


How do you create the covers for your books?

dc6d591c-4c3f-41b9-82fe-9dd97461f47e-705x1125Um, mostly just using the cover creator’s that the sites have. It doesn’t lead to perfect covers, but they’re usually good enough for me.


Are there any non-literary influences for your writing (movies, actors, music, etc)?

I mean, even if I can’t think of where I draw my influences from, I’m sure that I have some. I mean, no matter what people say, they have influences that they follow the pattern of, literary and otherwise.


What is your favorite book and why?

I don’t really know. I love a lot of different books for a lot of different reasons. Harry Potter is good, and The Hobbit, and Narnia, and Sherlock Holmes. It really depends on my mood.


How do you market your books?

Not really at all. I’ve shared it on Facebook a few times, publicly and in groups, but that’s about it. I have some friends online that I’m fairly certain are planning on buying it. They’ll buy it even though they’ve read it a few times, because they were my beta-readers.


Where can we purchase your current book? What about previous books?

Sebastian in Another World is available on Amazon as a paperback book, printed through CreateSpace. It’s also available on Google Play, Kobo, iBooks, Kindle and Barnes and Noble as an e-book, distributed using the Pronoun software.


Where can we find you online?



Great Angemon 


If you’re an indie author, what made you choose that route?

I wanted, and still want, to be published traditionally, but for now I went indie because I couldn’t find an agent that wanted to represent my book. And I think that’s fine. The way I see it, if I can get a following, I can go back to agents and see if they want to take another look at it.


Any parting words for writers?

Yeah, sure, I’ll give this a shot. Um, let’s see… Don’t give up. I mean, yeah, you may not think what you’re writing is any good, but you can only get better. Take a look at what I wrote just two or three years ago. Also, if you don’t hate yourself at least once while you’re writing, you’re doing it wrong. Trust me on that score.

Thanks for having me!

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