“The Selection” – Characters

In today’s post, I introduce you to a few characters you’ll meet in my new novel The Selection.

The Selection follows the trials of a boy named Eron (pronounced Aaron). He starts as a seventeen year old boy facing his turn in the Selection once he turns eighteen.

Eron is smart, though his grades often don’t reflect it. He’s curious and determined. At times his gentle nature seems to undermine his determination to carry on.

He has two older siblings. The oldest is his sister Samantha. The middle child is his brother Timo. Samantha is married and Timo was forced into the Selection two years before Eron. It’s this experience that haunts Eron as he awaits his turn.

Since grade school, Eron’s been infatuated with a red-haired girl named Mina. She’s a kind and caring person. In the darkest moments of the Selection, his desire to return to her motivates him.

Connor is Eron’s best friend. They’ve known each other since grade school and hang out playing chess or just talking. He’s the same age as Eron and slated for the same Selection.

Bello was once a friend of Eron’s. His bully ways become a turn off to Eron and leaves a constant source of friction between them. He’s the same age as Eron and enters the same Selection.

You’ll find more characters in The Selection, some good and some not so much. Self preservation takes many forms and dangers are everywhere.

Miss yesterdays post on the setting? Check it out here. Come back tomorrow to learn about the main themes of The Selection.

Grab a pre-order copy of The Selection now for .99 and save off the normal price of $2.99.

Bonus: I suck at names! I do a terrible job at coming up with original names. The name “Eron” is inspired by the writer Aaron Hamilton whose been a big supporter of my work. Eron’s brother “Timo” is named after Timothious Smith, a writer I’m connected with on Twitter who shares my info regularly.


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