Excerpt from The Cloud by Diane Morrison

Wow, awesome excerpt from author Diane Morrison’s unreleased scifi novel, “The Cloud.” I’m picking this up when it’s released!

Diane Morrison

I should have posted this hours ago, but I’m trying to make a deadline.  Here’s an excerpt from my hard sci-fi project!

“I can’t believe we’re finally decelerating!” Bianca sighed over morning coffee in the lounge.  Over the course of the three year journey this had become a regular custom for the crew.

“It seems like it’s been forever!” Albus said.  He hardly looked more grown now than he had when he’d boarded the ship.  If anything, the careless toss of his unattended hair, which he rarely cut, enhanced that impression.  Or perhaps it was his youthful enthusiasm.  To Terra’s eyes he had spent most of his time playing vidgames; though he did manage to rig up some system that allowed the lounge windows to double as display screens, showing what should be visible outside, were they not blasting along at thousands of kilometers an hour.  Terra knew the gesture…

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