Morning Routine of a Non-Best Selling Author

My morning routine is simple and works for me.

I get up most mornings at 4 am. Yeah, I know it’s early. I’ve always been an early riser and it seems the older I get, the earlier I wake up.

I start the coffee and get my little chihuahua settled in on the couch.

I’ll read and play stupid little games on my iPad for about an hour. I’ve recently cut back on those “stupid little games” because my focus needs to be on something more worthwhile. It’s during this time of the morning I’ll read short stories. I subscribe to Daily Daily Science Fiction and Both sites offer free flash fiction. DSF is only Monday – Friday while EDF is, well, every day! I’ll also read from the current issue of Nightmare Magazine, which I subscribe to (though it’s not free). However, they do offer some stories for free on their website.

Right around 5 am, I used to read whatever current novel I’m reading for about an hour. However, since the beginning of July, I’ve used that time to focus on my daily social media posts instead, if I haven’t done them the night before. I’ll schedule Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts using Hootesuite. I’ve switched from Buffer to Hootesuite to better control what I’m sending out and hopefully not come across as spammy. In any case, it’s this hour of the morning where I get all that taken care of. I’m a bit more awake then (bless you coffee!) and my mind can focus better.

ChairBy the time 6 am rolls around, I’ll already have showered and dressed and fed my zoo. All 3 cats and 2 dogs get fed and the dogs taken out to do their business. I’ll grab something quick to eat for breakfast, usually the same thing: whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter. I don’t like wasting time thinking about something different to eat. The sooner I get it over with, the sooner I can get back to my work.

After all that, it gives me about an hour of uninterrupted time to write before I leave for work. My writing spot is a reclining love seat next to two large windows. I’ll open the blinds for a great morning view and my chihuahua joins me. She’ll perch herself on the arm or curl up next to me while I write.

It’s a quiet hour despite the rest of the house waking and getting ready for work and school. I can usually knock out anywhere from 500-1,000 words per writing session. Most mornings it’s my current novel or I’ll break up the work and switch to a new short story. When the hour is up, it’s off to work.

So that’s it. On the weekends it might differ slightly, but that’s my normal morning routine.

What do your mornings look like? Do you get more done? If so, I’d love to hear your routine. I’m always up for learning new ways of doing things. If your mornings are completely different, I’d love to hear that too!

7 thoughts on “Morning Routine of a Non-Best Selling Author

  1. My morning is similar, but not as organized as yours. I usually get up early, too. Feed my oldest cat first because he doesn’t like waiting for me to get up when I want to sleep in. I spend too much time on Facebook. You give me inspiration. I need to get to my co-promotion posts now and then get some writing done.

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    1. Thanks Merri! I need the structure otherwise I’ll flounder and not get anything done. It’s not easy, but once I get the pattern down right, I’m much more productive.


  2. My morning is similar. I don’t get much reading done! I wish I could do more. I read someone’s book as I walk the dog. Isn’t that sad? But, I get several breaks during the day to walk him ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Impressive. I’m the opposite, I’m a night owl. I wake up only when I have to, during the school year that’s 6:45, and get everyone ready for the day. I spend the day bouncing between publishing duties and my writing and spending time with my husband who works afternoons and evenings. Then I grab the kids and parent until 7:30 when they head for bed. Then I bounce between writing and relaxing until bed time.

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    1. That is far different from mine! By the time I get off work at 5 or 6, I’m drained and don’t tend to have much creative energy left. My wife works similar hours so that’s not a problem and our son is 16, so he gets up and does his own thing most of the time.


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