Jason’s Authors You Should Know – Donna Maria McCarthy

DonnaToday’s author you should know is Donna Maria McCarthy. She’s a horror writer from the UK and crazy talented.

I first met Donna when we were both included in the Hellbound Books Anthology Shopping List 2. She has works published by Hellbound Books including Biddy Trott and BiddyTrottThe Meddler. Her first book The Hangman’s Hitch came out in 2016.

Since meeting Donna, she’s been super supportive of my work, even when it’s not horror related. She tirelessly works to promote other authors and share their stories with readers. She’s got a great sense of humor and a sense of comradery with her fellow writers. Add to that her wonderful ability to craft dark tales, and you’ve got an author to look out for!

Check out her author page over at Hellbound Books to find out more about her. You can also follow Donna on Twitter by going to @roast914_k.

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