Let’s Have a Sale!

I want to share a few promos I’ll be running on all three of my books.

My newest book, the young adult sci-fi adventure novel The Selection will be on sale for .99 from June 9th-11th. If you’ve not yet picked up my action-filled tale, now’s the time to do so.


If young adult sci-fi adventure is not your thing, I’m also offering both my collections of dark fiction short stories for FREE June 10th-11th. That’s right, you can get your very own copies of (Almost) Average Anthology and Moments of Darkness at the low, low cost of…nothing!

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Please take advantage of these deals while they last. Feel free to share with anyone that might be interested. And if you do pick up any of my books, I’d appreciate any and all honest reviews.

Thanks so much!

Free Weekend!

In celebration of The Selection’s release yesterday, I’m offering both my collections of dark fiction short stories for FREE on Amazon starting today through April 2nd!

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The Selection

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“The Selection” Now Available!

My first novel “The Selection” is now available on Amazon!

You can grab the ebook for .99 through the weekend and then the price goes to $2.99. Get it now and save a couple bucks!


Click the giant “Buy Now” button below and grab your copy today!



“The Selection” – Themes

The Selection, at it’s core, is a coming of age story. It describes in detail the process by which boys become “men” on Anastasia. Though in truth, they’re far from ready.

When Eron sets off for his turn in the Selection, he’s a scared eighteen year old boy. Like all other males his age, he’s forced into the Selection and must survive till the end. It’s a rite of passage for the boys.

My original concept for the story stems from reflecting on my son, who’s sixteen now, and how harrowing it is for kids to grow to adolescents and then continue on to adulthood. Any adult can tell you it’s not an easy transition. Add a very real survival component, and you have The Selection.

Another theme I hadn’t set out to write but clearly presented itself is the idea that we need each other. Alone we run the risk of failure. Together we can achieve so much.

Too many of us–myself included–often go through life trying to do it our way, by ourselves, without any help. I admire people that can take care of themselves, but in the bigger picture, we must care about each other. We can’t stay with our heads in the sand, oblivious to the needs of others. We aren’t creatures that survive long by ourselves. We need each other to flourish.

The Selection comes out tomorrow! I do hope you grab a pre-order copy now and save off the normal price of $2.99.

If you missed my post on the characters of The Selection, check it out here.

“The Selection” – Characters

In today’s post, I introduce you to a few characters you’ll meet in my new novel The Selection.

The Selection follows the trials of a boy named Eron (pronounced Aaron). He starts as a seventeen year old boy facing his turn in the Selection once he turns eighteen.

Eron is smart, though his grades often don’t reflect it. He’s curious and determined. At times his gentle nature seems to undermine his determination to carry on.

He has two older siblings. The oldest is his sister Samantha. The middle child is his brother Timo. Samantha is married and Timo was forced into the Selection two years before Eron. It’s this experience that haunts Eron as he awaits his turn.

Since grade school, Eron’s been infatuated with a red-haired girl named Mina. She’s a kind and caring person. In the darkest moments of the Selection, his desire to return to her motivates him.

Connor is Eron’s best friend. They’ve known each other since grade school and hang out playing chess or just talking. He’s the same age as Eron and slated for the same Selection.

Bello was once a friend of Eron’s. His bully ways become a turn off to Eron and leaves a constant source of friction between them. He’s the same age as Eron and enters the same Selection.

You’ll find more characters in The Selection, some good and some not so much. Self preservation takes many forms and dangers are everywhere.

Miss yesterdays post on the setting? Check it out here. Come back tomorrow to learn about the main themes of The Selection.

Grab a pre-order copy of The Selection now for .99 and save off the normal price of $2.99.

Bonus: I suck at names! I do a terrible job at coming up with original names. The name “Eron” is inspired by the writer Aaron Hamilton whose been a big supporter of my work. Eron’s brother “Timo” is named after Timothious Smith, a writer I’m connected with on Twitter who shares my info regularly.


“The Selection” – Setting

With the release of my new novel The Selection set to hit on Thursday March 30th, I wanted to introduce you to the world you can expect to discover. Over the next few days I’ll reveal more about the story introducing you to the setting, characters, and themes of The Selection.

Today’s installment is a sneak peak at the world of The Selection, exploring the setting of my novel.

The Selection takes place on an alien world. Specifically it’s known to us as Kepler 186f. Human settlers changed the name to Anastasia soon after landing. I was drawn to Kepler 186f through NASA’s series of travel posters for planets that may sustain human life. kepler

Kepler 186f orbits a red sun and I felt it would be a perfect place for the events to unfold. It would be familiar enough to readers yet allow for creative license.

The foliage is inspired by the red sun and NASA’s poster. Green is not a common color on the world. Instead, red, orange, and yellow are the dominant colors creating a warm pallet.

It also gave me a blank slate to build inherent dangers on the alien world. You’ll discover many new creatures similar to Earth animals yet with a twist.

My favorite new animals are Gracers. These small animals have large ears and stay high above in the treetops, far from larger prey below. They are typically purple in color, a stark contrast to the foliage. Their name “Gracers” is in honor of my little chihuahua named Gracie. These animals are about her size but with longer tails.

Craates (pronounced “Crayts”) are dog-like animals with bright hair. They are pack animals. Their savagery is unmatched. Stumbling on a pack of craates is the last thing you’d want to do!

Flying Vulbores are similar to pterodactyls. They have long venomous claws capable of poisoning their prey. They are often blue or purple and very deadly. modea15_080317awk04

The inhabitants of Anastasia live a difficult life avoiding natural dangers. Add the Selection to the mix and boys have an extremely arduous road ahead.

Come back tomorrow when I share about the characters in The Selection.

Pre-orders are available now: The Selection

Bonus: Did you know one of the stories in (Almost) Average Anthology belongs to this world? The last story, The Long Sleep, is a prelude to the events in the novel. Sign up for my newsletter to get it for free or you can buy it on Amazon for .99.

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