Author Spotlight: Jay Shaw

Today I’m fortunate to present Jay Shaw, author of The Space Colonel’s Woman.

The Space Colonel's Woman - by Jay Shaw - CoverHi Jay, thanks for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Hi Jason, thanks for having me. I’m a New Zealand author, a mum of two teens, and a lover of books. I’m an incurable romantic who stays up early and sleeps in late, writes in bed, loves both action and romance movies, survives on a diet of M&Ms, bottled water, and steak with mushroom sauce.  I have a passion for tall, dark-haired, military men in thigh holsters and combat boots, photography, baking, thunderstorms, bootleg jeans, and boots. My ultimate guest list for a dinner party would include: Queen Elizabeth I, Leonardo Da Vinci, JJ Abrams, Patty Jenkins, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jason Momoa, Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Obama, and Carrie Fisher.


How long have you been writing?

Five years now, though it wasn’t until last year that I published my first novel Wolfhaven – a paranormal action romance set in a world of feuding wolf-shifter packs.


What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always been in love with the written word and the power it has to transport you to another world. It’s limitless, and the idea that with the turn of a page you can escape whatever life is throwing at you – even if it’s only for an hour or three – is intoxicating in the best way.


Tell us a little bit about your current project. Is it a novel, short story, or something else? Is it part of a series?

I have two current projects.

Limelight and Longing is the first of four movie star romance novellas in which Jenna Long meets actor Jacob Starr at a convention. The attraction is immediate and scorching, but neither is in a position to act upon it. It seems their connection will forever be chalked up to missed opportunity and fantasy. Until, eighteen months later when…

The Shifting Tide is the third full-length novel in the Dragonus Chronicles – my science fiction action romance series which hails the adventures, trials and tribulations, losses and loves of Brigadier General Mark Holden, Julia Holden, their family, and the inhabitants of Dragonus Galaxy. It follows on from The Space Colonel’s Woman, and The Hunted.


The Hunted - by Jay Shaw - eBook coverWhat genre do you prefer to write in, if any?

I prefer a mix of genres in my books, because I tend to get easily bored as both writer and reader. A story which has both action and romance within its pages has my full attention, be it on Earth, or set in another realm, universe, or dimension. I love the freedom of science fiction, the way my imagination has free rein to explore the endless possibilities.


What authors influenced you?

Wilbur Smith – his ability to plunge his readers into majestic sweeping vistas, while making us believe in the courage and determination of his characters.

Clive Cussler – all hail to his power of description, for his sexy rugged heroes and their taste for adventure, who allow readers to join the treasure hunt.

Diana Gabaldon – for proving a book doesn’t have to be just one genre.

Anna Hackett – at the top of my one-click-to-buy list. She writes action romance and sci-fi romance with such enviable skill and her characters live with you long after the story is finished.


What are you currently reading?

Diffraction – by Jess Anastasi

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! If you haven’t already you need to read her Atrophy series.


Do you write every day? A few days per week?

Yes, every day. The quality, however, isn’t always the best. But then you can edit a bad page, unlike a blank one. I keep pen and paper beside my bed and immediately on waking I’m writing. You know that space between sleeping and waking where all those fantastic perfect ideas and visualizations live? I can’t always decipher what I’ve scribbled, but it’s better to have it down than to forget forever.


Do you listen to music when you write? Does it influence how you write?

No. I listen to music while I’m editing. I don’t find it influences how I write, but after I’m finished I’ll notice the lyrics either reflect my story, or add extra depth; almost as if they’re the soundtrack.


How do you think your writing has changed from when you first started?

I love that our writing grows with our experiences. I’ve tightened it up. There are less ‘ly’ words, though I’m still fighting to eradicate ‘had’ and ‘that’, lol. I think the more we get to know our characters and the worlds they inhabit, the better we get at telling their story and crafting their journey. It becomes our journey as writers and I think that’s the most obvious when starting a series from the beginning. You travel with not only the characters but the author as well. And I think by the time you reach the end, you’re part of an enduring friendship.


Wolfhaven - ebook CoverHow do you create the covers for your books?

I have a mental vision of what I want the covers to look like. Then I send a tonne of stock images to my designer and hope like hell she can translate them into gorgeousness using her artistic genius. Choosing a designer is the hard part. I recommend Googling and checking out their portfolios until you find someone who mirrors your own creativity, then having a chat to see if you’ll work well together.


Are there any non-literary influences for your writing (movies, actors, music, etc)?

Hell yes!

I grew up with such influences as Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, MacGyver, Battlestar Galactica, Romancing the Stone, Wonder Woman, and Tour of Duty. Then along came Stargate Atlantis, Jupiter Ascending, and The Dresden Files. Everyday heroes standing up for what is right against intimidating odds, finding great love and fighting to keep hold of that love while their world around them heaped danger and adventure on them. An environment where they can prove themselves, can grow and learn who they are inside, and use that knowledge to gain victories. Without struggle there is no strength, without strength there can be no triumph.


Where can we purchase your current book? What about previous books?

All my books are available from:




Where can we find you online?





Amazon Author Page:


What is your favorite book and why?

To write: is always the one I’m working on because I’m immersed in those characters and their story.

To read: is a much harder choice and I’d never be able to narrow it down to just one. Here’s my top five:

Valhalla Rising – by Clive Cussler

The Burning Shore – by Wilbur Smith

Pillars of the Earth – by Ken Follett

Voyager – by Diana Gabaldon

Plus anything by Anna Hackett, Jess Anatassi, Veronica Scott, and Sarah Madison.


Do you have an excerpt from your current work you’d like to share?

“Black Wing eight, clear and headed for uploaded coordinates.” She radioed while staring out the canopy at a squall of vibrant cobalt, lime, and fuchsia clouds, and the blink of golden stars, smeared across the vast ink-black ocean of uninhabited space. Julia understood the concept of a nebula, but to see one in reality; sheer brilliance and scale dwarfing anything that dared to challenge it, was awe-inspiring.

“Acknowledged, Black Wing eight.” Major Walker, Second Helmsman for Columbus, answered in her ear. “Initiate Flight Evasion Sequence one, under Subsection A.”

Julia accessed the menu on her display, loaded a program similar to the flight simulator Stephen and Lieutenant Colonel Dawson created for Phoenix City’s glider training program.

“Initiating Flight Evasion Sequence one, confirmed.” A red AIA icon waited at the base of her display while the F490’s radar matrix registered the outer rim of the Solaris asteroid belt with soft pings and a rash of white dots.

“Black Wing eight, you’re cleared for commencement. Black Wings four, seven, and twelve you’re on a sixty-second staggered start. Confirm.”

“Copy, Columbus Flight, Black Wing eight commencing simulation. Wings out.” Halo and the other pilots radioed their confirmations in her ear as Julia accelerated her AIA through the Heaven’s Arch.

It was breathtaking. Black Wing eight cut through the soaring cotton-candy clouds like a samurai sword through the finest silk. Julia’s wrist didn’t ache as it had after her teaser flight with Halo, proving Black Wing eight was born for space. The inertial regulators didn’t compensate for all the Gs as they cut swathes through Solaris’ luminescent layers of gas and dust, but the push-pull on her body sure added to the thrill. Static scratched in her ear, making Julia wince as Black Wing eight plunged from auroras of bright color into the midnight chaos and lightning storms of the asteroid zone.

Despite the lack of telepathic communication between her and her craft, Julia was lost to the addictive power and graceful beauty of a CobraF490 in her natural element. The two of them flew together in a symbiotic union of style and speed; an osmosis of motion. Black Wing eight translated Julia’s subtle stick-twitches into breakneck swoops, spiral-dives, arcs, and last minute wing-tip turns around, over, and between, the stately avalanche of colossal planetoids.  

Lightning struck from on high in lethal stabs, one-two-three, and Julia gasped; blinked through the livewire echo on her retinas, to haul Black Wing eight into a vertical climb. Her display bleeping with virtual panic as rock debris the size of houses and aircraft carriers cascaded through their previous position, down into the abyss beyond. Bright gold stars streaked by as the excess Gs held her into the seat. Adrenalin licked cool and addictive over every inch of her skin, kick-started her heart and sent it racing. She whooped in delight; thighs tensing to contain the surge of heat pooling low in her belly. Only one other thing ever made her this hot, this primed. And stuck in his office, half a system away, her General was totally missing out. Julia crowed on a bubble of pleasure as she rolled before executing a smooth forty-degree sweep between two massive asteroids and streaking toward the co-ordinates where Columbus waited with her time score.

The Shifting Tide – Dragonus Chronicles III, Jay Shaw


Any parting words for writers?

Write what you want to read.

Pay for a professional cover.

For every story there is someone somewhere waiting to read and love it.

Go with your gut. If it feels wrong it usually is.

Enjoy the ride.


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Last weekend I had the opportunity to sell my books at Con-Tamination in St. Louis. Con-Tamination is a horror/scifi/pop culture convention that had been on hiatus for a few years and returned in 2016.


Greeters at Con-Tamination 2016

I’ve never been to this con before and came across it a few months ago and figured my book of short stories fit right in so I signed up to be part of the writers organized by the St. Louis Indie Book Fair.

I enjoyed my time at the con. I got to meet several new readers as they purchased my book. I met some friendly and supportive writers in Vince Churchill, Ray Wenck, Eric Asher, Dane Kroll, and Mark Pannebecker to name a few.

Vince, Ray, Eric and I were on the same row and created a fun rivalry to see who could sell the most books. Dane joined us on the last day and fought hard for the “Golden Screw” which was nothing more than a rusty screw we found on the floor but symbolized the achievement (We can thank Vince for this!)

The con was a mix of writers, artists, vendors, and celebrities. I met an artist named Travis Molitor from the St. Louis area that did some amazing work. The celebrities ranged from former pro-wrestlers such as “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Bishop Stevens to Dirk Benedict from “Battlestar Galactica” and “The A-Team” to a former porn star named Seka. There were many other celebrities in attendance as well. It was an eclectic mix for sure.


My first ever writing panel

I participated in my first panel as Mark Pannebecker and I discussed literary fiction to a crowd of about a dozen people. We answered questions from the attendees and had a great discussion about writing in general.

I didn’t have too many expectations going into this con other than trying to get new readers interested in my work and I succeeded on that part. Speaking with other vendors they felt attendance was a little light but considering there were at least two other cons going on that same weekend I can see why.


Even Negan likes my book

I felt the con was a success. I didn’t make a ton of money but the connections I made were much more valuable. I plan on attending next year if they host it again. Maybe I’ll get to reclaim the “Golden Screw” from my fellow writers! If you didn’t make it out to Con-Tamination this year, consider attending next year. Should be a lot of fun.

Author Promo: Dawn Chapman

Hey everyone! From time to time I’d like to use my blog for good instead of selfish evil. To that end, I’d like to share a free promotion for a fellow author. Dawn Chapman has her book “The Secrete King: Lethao” on sale for the easy to please price of FREE until 5/31/16. Follow the link below to grab your copy now. After reading please leave her an honest review to let her know what you thought. Maybe in a future post we can discuss the book and share it with others.

(Oh, in the spirit of transparency, I am receiving no kick-back or other such nefarious goods from the author for sharing her work!)

Here’s a description of the book:

“Kendro, King of the Aonise, can do nothing to prevent their sun from collapsing, consuming their home planet Letháo in a single fiery blast. Running out of time and options, he evacuates the entire population, setting off into the unknown galaxy in four crowded ships. Under constant danger from their ancient enemy, the Zefron, treasonous dissent seeps into his inner circle. Threatened inside and out, Kendro struggles with whom to trust, until a mysterious vision finally brings hope to the distraught King. A new home awaits the Aonise, if Kendro can only unite them long enough to survive the journey.”


Tear In the Realm

Time for another original story. This one was written for a flash fiction challenge. It’s a scifi piece with dark undertones. I hope you like it. Please click like, comment, or share I sure would appreciate it.

Tear In the Realm

I’ve tried to forget about the Tear but the reality haunts me. I can’t sleep. When I close my eyes I see red. Fire and blood covers everything. But now? Now that it’s over? It’s started again and I have to be ready.

I guess I should start with Rex. That’s not his real name. We never use those. It would make it too easy to find the real people. Rex fancied himself as a “rebel” or “savior” but really he wasn’t anything more than a twelve year-old kid with mommy issues. I think he was a “he” but in the Realm it didn’t matter what you were outside in the real world. All that mattered was the persona inside the Realm. We don’t know each other outside the Realm. It’s forbidden. Well, it was forbidden. Rex destroyed that rule. The One Rule of the Realm and someone found a way around it. Hacks materialized soon after its inception but none were successful. It was like the ultimate prize – finding who was in the Realm in real life. What you did after you found out no one knew. Maybe the Designers knew. Which is why they created the One Rule. It doesn’t matter now. Rex found the hole. He found the way out. It’s been chaos since.

The Designers are mysterious. No one’s ever seen them. They could be one person or many. What is known is that they wield ultimate power within the Realm. They can expel any player for any reason. And no one wants that. Being in the Realm is like nothing else in the world. Partly because it’s not “in this world” and partly because the means to tap into the Realm are more addictive than any drug known to man, once a player visits they don’t want to leave. And usually they can’t.

Within the Realm the Designers watch. They’re the “all-knowing, all-seeing” eyes. Their reach into everything is part of the reason the hack took so long to surface. Rex played them too. He put on the lonely boy façade and never caused problems. He observed. He carefully plotted every move the Designers made without drawing any attention on himself. It worked. He noticed a small tear in the wall inside a building. I think it was a bar or strip club. Whatever it was, he found the tear in the code. It gleamed bright like a beacon. You had to be at a certain angle at a certain time and only then could you see the pinpoint of light that indicated something odd. Rex knew this. He’d been studying the Designers since he entered the Realm. Careful research led to the club hiding the tear and at the exact moment it was supposed to show, it did.

To his credit, Rex didn’t exploit the tear right away. He was too excited to carry out his plan. Many cycles later he went back to the club with his plan in place.

He enlisted several other players promising them a cheat code for unlimited credits and the actual elimination of their greatest threats. He proposed to murder the real people behind the players allowing his followers access to whatever they wanted without retribution. They worked silently staying out of the watchful gaze of the Designers.

One of them was caught and brought to the Justice Hall. The Designers put her on trial. She held out refusing to give away his secrets but they use certain…methods to force the issue. Soon she revealed Rex as the mastermind behind their machinations.

city-683982_960_720The Designers found Rex in an abandoned hotel. Pimps and drug dealers used the decrepit building to peddle their vices. Even in virtual worlds humans fed their evil side. Rex hid in a boarded-up room on the fifth floor huddled against the wall with his arms covering his head. He denied everything when the Designers questioned him. His clean record and sad state of existence in the Realm convinced the Designers of his innocence. By the time they realized his ruse, they couldn’t find him and then he used the tear in the code.

Rex tried escaping the Realm. When he did, everything imploded. The tear in the code was something more dangerous than anyone imagined. When he left, he didn’t go back to his physical body. It lay thousands of miles away in a back room of a med center in downtown Hong Kong. The tear opened a portal that deposited Rex in Chicago. The instant he set foot on the busy street, a cataclysmic explosion engulfed the real world in flames.

He broke some space-time dimension. I don’t know the technical term but it was serious. It was why the One Rule existed. If anyone left the Realm not going back to their own body, the Designers understood there could be horendous consequences.

Over two-thirds of the world died that day. The power of the Realm, though known by the Designers, was never fully disclosed to international governments when they tried to stop its development. They were assured it was only a game despite reports of extreme addictiveness and loss of human life. The Designers denied any wrongdoing and threw enough money at the right people to make the issue go away. They claimed to create a worldwide method of communication that would bring people together through inventive game-play.

They maintained the technological backbone of the Realm was harmless. It consisted of nothing more than powerful servers running simultaneous code. Those that survived know better.

The Designers weren’t from this world. They brought their tech and implanted it within this world to learn about humans and eventually enslave them. Once they brought all humanity under their power through the Realm, they’d face no opposition and easily take over Earth and its rich resources.

But the code was faulty. As is all code. There is always a mistake. Something that complex cannot be bug free and there seems to always be someone willing to exploit that bug even if they don’t understand the consequences. Like Rex.

explosion-123690_960_720Because of his greed and desire to destroy all competition, he made it his mission to find the tear in the code. When he did, he almost ended human life on Earth. The code wasn’t prepared for such an eventuality and the resulting explosion of the entire Realm which covered every nation across the planet, was powerful. Rex died when he stepped through as did almost all the players and the people that were near them in the real world.

Some escaped the raging inferno with injuries but still alive. The Designers began working on a new Realm more powerful than the first. They’ve learned to hide the flaws deeper in the code so there is no escape.

Many have resisted the urge to join the Realm again. The powerful pull towards it tempts them daily. Once I almost gave in and became one with it again but was kept away by two others whose names I don’t know and don’t care to know. If I get caught, I don’t want to expose them so I purposely don’t get too personal. The Designers are ruthless and I have to be prepared for anything. We have to resist. If we don’t, the Designers will win and humanity will have lost everything.

At least that’s what I tell the survivors.

The Designers, my Designers, have already brought them into the Realm but they don’t know it. Soon they’ll all be under my control and my superiors won’t know about my mistake. We’ll blame the inferior Design team they gave me and they won’t know any different. All they’ll know is my success.

My next event will be Contamination in St. Louis from June 17-19, 2016. Come on out and meet me and other authors. Thanks!


Careful Study

It’s time for another story! Normally posted on the 15th, this month’s story is late because my first collection of short stories was released on the 15th. If you have not picked up a copy, it is available on Amazon, the Nook store, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and other ebook retailers. (See this post for links to some of the ebook stores)

Thanks so much for your loyal readership. Please feel free to comment or share the story!

Careful Study

Gre-Ath watched as the large blue and white globe grew in size through the small window. Their ship was almost empty of fuel. Systems started breaking down soon after launch. One by one sections of the ship were abandoned until only Gre-Ath was left. All the other Hrathmons were dead, their lifeless bodies floating in the gravity-less cargo bays of the ship where Gre-Ath put them.

Gre-Ath had time to wrangle all five-hundred and thirty-seven dead bodies and stuff them in the cargo holds. It’s not like their ship was close to its destination. Red-skinned bodies floated and banged against the hull of the ship inside the cargo holds. With almost all systems shut down, the sound reverberated throughout the long dark corridors reaching Gre-Ath who watched out the window, the only source of entertainment left.

Inside illumination was kept to a minimum conserving the remaining power and the globe out the window glowed bright. According to all indications, the planet offered the right atmospheric conditions to sustain Gre-Ath’s life. And the animals inhabiting it appeared edible.

Preliminary reports indicated the animals on planet were hostile towards each other and presumably to outside species. Gre-Ath had concerns but they were also noted to be about half the size of a Hrathmon. A single Hrathmon in full battle fury was something no other species in the galaxy dared fight. Gre-Ath hoped it was enough to subdue the primitive life on the planet.

Setting the nav system on auto-pilot, Gre-Ath adorned the traditional Hrathmon battle dress, armor and chains that increased the bulk of a Hrathmon to even greater terror-inducing size. After adding a short range pistol and a large Hrathmonian battle axe, the imposing figure stood at the door waiting to land.

The ship thudded to a stop. Gre-Ath flexed and took several deep breaths. A quick prayer up to Joranda, goddess of the Hrathmon, and the door slid open.

It was dark outside. Lights streamed down either side of a busy street. Small transports blared noisy introductions to Gre-Ath. Then the native animals crawled out of the moving things and yelled in a strange language.

Hunger overpowered Gre-Ath.

Shouting with an enormous voice that made the animals cover their heads, Gre-Ath stormed out of the ship swinging both left arms and both right arms as if to sweep the animals out of the way. The small creatures screamed as Gre-Ath knocked them down and flung some high in the air. Breathing in deep, Gre-Ath felt alive. The atmosphere was perfect for Hrathmon bodies. The fresh air filled Gre-Ath’s body with a vigor and vitality unknown since leaving their home.

A fat little animal ran towards Gre-Ath, shooting something that pinged off the dark purple armor on Gre-Ath’s legs. Gre-Ath could smell its blood. The scent was exquisite.

Gre-Ath grabbed the animal with all four hands, holding its legs and arms apart. It made some noise, shouting in a language Gre-Ath couldn’t understand. There were lessons on-board the ship Gre-Ath could’ve studied on the long trip here to learn the language or he could use the ship’s built in translator, but it didn’t seem worthy to waste power. The scent of a delectable meal was too powerful to ignore.

Gre-Ath opened a large mouth full of three sets of razor sharp teeth on top and bottom. The animal squirmed when it saw those teeth. It struggled in vain against the grip of the larger and more powerful Gre-Ath.

Then it went limp.

Gre-Ath held the animal, shaking it as if to revive it. Nothing. Other animals gathered around Gre-Ath, some with small metal guns aimed towards the ship and some at Gre-Ath. The noisy transports crashed into each other. The sound of the animals rose to a confusing mass of noise.

“Gre-Ath, what are you doing?” Gre-Ath’s large yellow eye opened wide. The voice came from the ship. Turning around while holding the animal, Gre-Ath gazed with his one eye on the council of elders standing in the doorway of the ship.

Immediately Gre-Ath bowed to one knee. “My lords,” Gre-Ath said, “I presumed you to be dead. Your bodies were devoid of life. Joranda called you back to the other side.”

“Foolish one! Had you studied like you were told, you’d have known we were going into deep slumber preserving our energy on the long voyage. Stop playing with the animals Gre-Ath! You’re causing problems and making them anxious,” the Chair of the Council said.

Gre-Ath considered the limp animal. “But I found food!” Gre-Ath said holding it up as if to offer the animal to the Chair.

“Enough! We will not tolerate your insubordination any longer! We did not come here to eat these creatures! We came to help them!” The Chair motioned towards Gre-Ath and three heavily armored Hrathmons grabbed him.

“No! Wait, we can defeat them! They’re weak! And they’re blood smells delicious!” Gre-Ath said. The guards knocked the animal from Gre-Ath’s hands and it fell limp to the ground.

The guards escorted Gre-Ath into the ship despite continued protestations.


The Chair looked out at the mass of animals congregating around the ship. They seemed attracted to it as more and more surrounded them.

Using the ship’s translator, the Chair held up the small device. “Greetings,” the Chair said in the language of the animals. A silence swept across the mass of animals. “Please excuse our mistake. Our young Gre-Ath meant no harm. We will go in peace. We are here to help.” The Chair let go of the translator and the Council stepped back into the ship, the door closing behind them.

“Ready yourselves,” the Chair said to the Council and the assembled Hrathmons behind them. The entire crew stood in the corridors ready for instructions from the Chair.

“Ship, to the designated landing site,” the Chair said. Soon they were in the air moving fast towards a secluded predetermined landing site. By the time they reached the location, the darkness faded from the land and the bright yellow sun shone down on the ship. It was much different than their red sun.

The ship landed and the Hrathmons stood waiting for the door to open.

“We embark on a new mission of alliance and friendship,” the Chair said, “follow my lead and we will fulfill our destiny.” The doors opened and the Hrathmons filed out.

No sooner had they stepped out on an open field far away from the animals, then their skin started smoking. It sizzled where the yellow sun shone on it. The Hrathmon screamed and shrieked as the sun burned their flesh. Smoke wafted in the air and soon five-hundred and thirty-seven dead, charred remains of Hrathmon lay on the surface of the strange planet.


The only Hrathmon not killed was Gre-Ath who was held in confinement. Gre-Ath heard the screams and thought of all the food that could be had.

He beat on the door of the cell. Without warning, the door opened. Carefully Gre-Ath stepped out into the corridor. With silent steps he made it through the maze of corridors until reaching the door leading outside. It was bright and Gre-Ath stopped short of opening the door.

Through the small window in the door, Gre-Ath saw the bodies laying on the ground, many still smoldering. Gre-Ath grinned. “You should’ve studied,” he said mocking the Chair, “the yellow sun is dangerous to us.”

Turning back from the door, Gre-Ath called out to the ship. “Ship, return to previous landing. I’m hungry.”

The ship rose and sped across the planet, returning to where they first landed.