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Anniversary! (Sort of)

Today is a great day in literary history! And you get to share in the excitement and be part of it just by reading this. Sound exciting? Sweet!

OK, let me explain.

I started this blog in 2013 at Blogger. Earlier this year, I switched over to WordPress and couldn’t be happier with the decision.

In October of 2014, I made a commitment to myself and my readers to post at least 3 times a month: the 5th, 15th, and 25th. I reserved the 15th for releasing new flash fiction I’d written over the previous year and a half. The 5th and 25th were reserved for essays on anything that came to mind.

I’m proud to say I’ve made it an entire year sticking with my plan! (Check the archives button, it’s all there I promise!)

Sure I’d like to post more and I might in the future. Having a consistent schedule made me stop and write, if only for a brief moment each month.

I made a promise to myself and the payoff has been worth it. Each month I gain new readers and reach a larger audience. It’s pretty dang difficult going from obscurity to raising your voice loud enough to be heard in the ever growing world of writing and blogging. To those that have shared my posts and directed new readers my way, I cannot say thank you enough for your generous support and encouragement.


I know writers that post weekly or daily or whenever the mood strikes them. I can’t do that. I need structure or I won’t be consistent. If nothing else, you the reader know to expect a new essay or story three times a month.

I’ve learned a lot about writing this past year. Having promised myself to write monthly, I kinda had to! I’ve written more this year than ever before and even had a story published! Dedicating myself to the blog helped keep me focused and constantly learning. Part of that involved thinking more about the act and process of writing and gaining new perspectives through attending a writing conference in June.

Lately I’ve toyed with the idea of serializing one of my unpublished novels and releasing two chapters a month. I’m still leaning that way and will update you when the decision is made. Better yet, follow this blog on WordPress or through email (see the button on the side…makes following by email easy. Come on, you can do it!)

Thanks again to everyone that’s commented or shared my posts. I appreciate everyone that’s stopped by and lurked without sharing but at least you made it here and my words found their way into your brains.

It’s been a tremendous twelve months since I first dedicated myself to writing on my blog. Where it goes from here, I have no idea.

Here’s to another successful year!

Welcome Autumn

Football, chili, and colors. The end of summer has passed and we are now heading into Autumn, my favorite season.

I love the cooler temperatures, football on television, and the beautiful display of colors on the way. Summer is fun, for a while, but when it breaks and Autumn comes rolling in, I can’t help but feel a bit better.

The sun shines a little differently. Birds and animals scurry about getting ready. The soft rustle of leaves when the wind blows soothes me. When nature begins its metamorphoses from the heat and humidity of Summer to the harsh frigid temperatures of Winter, the transition season of Autumn provides me with great hope.

I enjoy Fall festivals like the Apple Festival we have here in Murphysboro. We have an Art, Wine, and Blues Festival as well as the BBQ Championships. It seems like every little town around here has some type of festival to mark the season. There are haunted houses in October (though I enjoy horror stories, I tend to avoid these. I guess I’ve read too many or seen too many movies that these scare the crap out of me!) Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here.

But what I’ve found that attracts me to Autumn more than anything else, more than the change in weather and seasonal festivals, is hope.

Falling leaves and pumpkins and hoodies remind me of school. They remind me of being in college. A time I remember vividly remembering how I walked across campus carrying a backpack that threatened to pull me down. It was a time of hope for the future. I was in college learning skills and acquiring knowledge that I expected to prepare me for a life in academia. I assumed I was on a path which led to teaching history. I had visions of my future with my girlfriend (now wife of 18 years!) and the life we’d lead together.

Now many years removed from college, that hope of a future isn’t quite what it used to be.

Once out of school, the hope I’d been looking forward to never materialized. No longer working in class towards a goal in front of me, I work. I don’t have a lofty goal waiting for me at the end of work. I don’t have this expectation that I will be done in a couple years able to forge ahead to what I’d been working towards. I’m there already. Now my goals are not filled with hope for a future as an educator, they are filled with a desire to provide the best I can for my family.

Every Autumn as the temperatures cool and the sun casts shadows much different than Summer, I’m reminded of this hope I once had. I’m reminded of a young me that went to school every day, tired and anxious, looking forward to a future I had envisioned. And that rejuvenates me.

Sure I’m not where I expected to be. My job is nothing like what I thought I’d be doing. But I enjoy it. I meet new people every day and I’m able to help them make events happen. My family life is way better than I could’ve ever expected and I’m thankful to my wife and son for that.

And as a Browns fan, every Autumn is a season of hope. Usually that euphoria is crushed but there is always hope in the beginning!

Welcome Autumn! It’s nice to see you again, I’ve been expecting you.