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June 2018 Author Recap

I hope you enjoyed the previous month’s worth of introductions to authors you may not know. It was my pleasure to share such talented writers with all of you.

AUTHORSYOUSHOULD KNOWI had the idea in late May to do a month long series exposing my followers to other writers who I admire and read. When I started this project, I told no one. I wanted it to be a surprise for all the authors involved. No one knew who I was going to share or when. It was pretty cool to see the surprise coming in from those whom I featured. For those writers, I do hope it was a well-received surprise. For you readers, I hope you found a new author or two to check out and sample their work.

I want to stress that there were many other authors I could’ve included. I don’t want to upset any of my author friends that may not have been included in this first series of Authors You Should Know. Please don’t take it as a slight against you or your work.

For a recap of each author, please click their name below and it will take you to the brief post I published. I encourage you to try someone new and try one of their books. You never know when you might come across a writer you’ll absolutely have to read. It’s difficult finding readers. My hope is that you found something useful through the month of June within these posts.


Jason’s Authors You Should Know – June 2018

Amy Hale                    June 1

Leland Lydecker        June 2

Donna McCarthy       June 3

Vince Churchill          June 4

Mirren Hogan             June5

Brian K. Morris          June 6

SA Gibson                   June 7

Mark Pannebecker   June 8

RJ Batla                       June 9

Simon Bleaken           June 10

F. Kenneth Taylor        June 11

Brent A. Harris           June 12

MD. Parker                 June 13

Pamela Morris           June 14

Ray Wenck                 June 15

Stephanie Barr          June 16

Thomas Gunther       June 17

Greg Alldredge          June 18

C.A. King                     June 19

PC3                             June 20

Jay Noel                      June 21

Christa Yelich-Koth   June 22

Eric Asher                  June 23

Diane Morrison         June 24

John W. Smith           June 25

Lucinda Moebius       June 26

Merri Halma              June 27

Bryan Caron              June 28

Leo McBride               June 29

Aaron Hamilton         June 30


Jason’s Authors You Should Know – Brian K. Morris

BrianKMorrisToday’s author you should know is Brian K. Morris.

Brian is a man of many talents. According to his website:

BRIAN K. MORRIS has been a comic shop manager/owner, on-air talent for his local PBS station, manager of the print division of his local Big Box office supply store, a stage/film actor, paperwork pusher for a local utility, and an assistant mortician.

Since 2012, Brian has been the publisher and “chief set of hands” at Freelance Words and Rising Tide, his independent publishing businesses as well as a popular freelance writer.

In addition, Brian is the Editor-in-Chief at Silver Phoenix Entertainment of Oak Park, Illinois, the Midwest’s largest publisher of horror, public service, and Roller Derby comics.

A popular guest at conventions and book signings, Brian lives in Central Indiana with his wife, no children, no pets, and too many comic books.

Let me start by saying Brian is a great guy. He’s full of energy and is amazing to watch him work a crowd.

I first met him last year at the Eclipse Comic Con in Carbondale, IL. He moderated a Hauntingpanel of writers for the Con which I was a participant of. I hadn’t met him before the Con but he treated me like we were old friends. Since then, I’ve come to know more about him and even helped Beta read one of his books. You couldn’t ask for a better advocate on your behalf than Brian.

He writes comics and recently published a collection of horror short stories, The Haunting Scripts of Bachelors Grove. You should take a moment and visit his website and check out his books. He’s an excellent writer and well worth taking a chance on.

Come back tomorrow for another author you should know!