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Behind The Story

Not many readers know I like to hide surprises in my writing. I want to share one of those with you today.


My young adult scifi series “The Forgotten Chronicles” is set on an alien world similar to ours yet orbiting a red sun. I based it off of a NASA travel poster released several years ago for the planet Kepler 186f. I wanted an Earth-like world where readers were familiar enough with how it worked yet still completely alien. If you’ve read The Selection or the follow-up book Rise of the Forgotten, you know what I mean.

What hardly anyone knows is they may have read a story about this series before it was ever released. I had it hiding in plain sight.

I honestly didn’t know if The Selection would ever see publication. I enjoyed the story but still wasn’t sure if I was going to put the time and effort (and money!) into making it a novel I wanted to release. I wrote the book leaving the ending in a way that if enough readers enjoyed it, I could continue the series. As it happened, many readers loved the book and that gave me the impetus I needed to write Rise of the Forgotten. The final book in the series, The War for Truth, is due out in May (and can be pre-ordered for the ridiculously low price of .99. Go here to get it: The War for Truth)

However, one of the questions I often get asked is why are there so many boys born on the planet Anastasia? What causes this? Why does it happen?

AlmostAs an origin story mostly for myself, I wrote a short story called The Long Sleep which answers these questions. If you’ve read any of my short story collections, you may recognize it. I released it in my first ever book, (Almost) Average Anthology, back in 2016. It was the last story in the collection and gives a great explanation as to how things got to be in The Selection.

I released (Almost) Average Anthology in Jan. of 2016, well over a year before I released The Selection. The story The Long Sleep isn’t my favorite of the collection, but it most certainly belongs with my series as an origin story.

So, for fans who like to know behind the scenes info, there ya go. You can get the entire 16 story collection (Almost) Average Anthology for .99 or if you subscribe to my newsletter, you get it for FREE. Either way, I hope you enjoy the dark tales and I hope you continue to follow along with my scifi series. It’s been so much fun to write and the reader response has been amazing.

For those interested in the series, here are the links.

The Selection: ebook, paperback, audiobook.

Rise of the Forgotten: ebook, paperback.

The War for Truth: ebook (special low pre-order price)



“The Selection” – Setting

With the release of my new novel The Selection set to hit on Thursday March 30th, I wanted to introduce you to the world you can expect to discover. Over the next few days I’ll reveal more about the story introducing you to the setting, characters, and themes of The Selection.

Today’s installment is a sneak peak at the world of The Selection, exploring the setting of my novel.

The Selection takes place on an alien world. Specifically it’s known to us as Kepler 186f. Human settlers changed the name to Anastasia soon after landing. I was drawn to Kepler 186f through NASA’s series of travel posters for planets that may sustain human life. kepler

Kepler 186f orbits a red sun and I felt it would be a perfect place for the events to unfold. It would be familiar enough to readers yet allow for creative license.

The foliage is inspired by the red sun and NASA’s poster. Green is not a common color on the world. Instead, red, orange, and yellow are the dominant colors creating a warm pallet.

It also gave me a blank slate to build inherent dangers on the alien world. You’ll discover many new creatures similar to Earth animals yet with a twist.

My favorite new animals are Gracers. These small animals have large ears and stay high above in the treetops, far from larger prey below. They are typically purple in color, a stark contrast to the foliage. Their name “Gracers” is in honor of my little chihuahua named Gracie. These animals are about her size but with longer tails.

Craates (pronounced “Crayts”) are dog-like animals with bright hair. They are pack animals. Their savagery is unmatched. Stumbling on a pack of craates is the last thing you’d want to do!

Flying Vulbores are similar to pterodactyls. They have long venomous claws capable of poisoning their prey. They are often blue or purple and very deadly. modea15_080317awk04

The inhabitants of Anastasia live a difficult life avoiding natural dangers. Add the Selection to the mix and boys have an extremely arduous road ahead.

Come back tomorrow when I share about the characters in The Selection.

Pre-orders are available now: The Selection

Bonus: Did you know one of the stories in (Almost) Average Anthology belongs to this world? The last story, The Long Sleep, is a prelude to the events in the novel. Sign up for my newsletter to get it for free or you can buy it on Amazon for .99.