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Grabbing 2019 By The…

Happy New Year!

Say good-bye to the old and let’s welcome a new start for 2019.

I don’t remember if I made any resolutions or goals for last year, but I wanted to approach this annual reset with greater determination and focus.

It actually started the day after my 44th birthday when I walked around nearby Lake Murphysboro. As I trudged up and down the hills, the phrase “Before 45” kept repeating in my mind. I decided then to create actionable goals to measure my progress and force me to work harder. My birthday is December 15th, so it’s close enough to the end of the year to make these annual goals (though I do want to achieve them before I turn 45!)

In no particular order, these are my 2019 writer goals:

Publish 8 books

vintage-1148940_640Yeah, I know that sounds ludicrous, but it’s possible and who says I don’t have a few novels in my back pocket already? Quicker releases don’t mean lesser quality. I’ve got a process that works for me and I feel I can scale it up and increase what I’m doing. I’m in mid-trilogy writing now (it may turn into more than three books) and I’ve got a new novel near ready for my pen name. I’ve been working with two other authors on different series, though it’s still in the early stages of the projects. I’m also contracted with a small press to co-write a trilogy due for later this year, so 8 isn’t that crazy of a number.


Grow my newsletter list to over 5,000 subscribers

It’s now less than 900 because of serious culling a few months ago, but it needs to grow. No matter what happens, this has to be a priority moving forward. I believe in the power of a vibrant, healthy email list. I’m already putting in steps to achieve this.


Earn over $10,000 in book sales

Honestly I’d love this number to be much higher, but using my past performance as a guide, I’ll start here. If I can be transparent with my sales numbers, my hope is that it will help others learn and grow. Look for a post in the coming weeks with a recap of what I’ve earned so far. It’ll be brutal for me but instructive for you.


Grow my BookBub followers to over 1,000

BookBub is an amazing service that I’ve yet to fully utilize. Eager readers use BookBub to find new books to read. Why not try and grow my presence there for the future I have planned? They get notified of my new releases and keeps my name in front of the best kind of audience: readers!


Launch a book with over 100 pre-orders

Pre-orders are a point of contention amongst the indie author community, but I’d like to make this happen. My highest has been just under 50, so it’s a stretch but I feel quite achievable.


Blog once a week

This one will be difficult to maintain, but it’s something I feel is important. It gives me a place to share my journey and is where I found my first readers. You guys are super important to me and I need to honor that. Expect new posts at least once a week, most likely on Tuesday’s.


Attend 8 Cons

This one was tough because I considered doing very few, but with 3-4 already scheduled, I think I can make it happen. I’m looking for a few more Horror cons this year as my pen name has been crushing it and I might as well build the readership as much as possible.

There you have my look into the future. These are my measuring sticks. I expect yours might be different and that’s great! We all have different paths up the mountain (That’s a Craig Martelle reference for those who don’t know!) and no one path is the best. All that counts is that it’s your path. We all define success in our own terms.

So what are yours? What are your goals/resolutions for 2019? Feel free to comment with a few so we can all support one another. Onward and upward!









I Come Bearing Gifts

I’m offering a few different ways to get my books in your hands for FREE!

The first option I’ve got is to sign up for my spam-free newsletter here: (Almost) Average Newsletter It truly is spam-free and fairly unobtrusive. I think I’ve sent maybe 2 newsletters out. I intend on sending at least one a month, maybe two. But just for signing up you get to download my first collection of dark fiction short stories (Almost) Average Anthology for FREE! I encourage you to take advantage of this promo. You get a free book and I’ll keep you informed about upcoming projects and you’ll be the first to know when a new book is on it’s way. If you feel the newsletters are a waste of time and decide to opt out after a while, you still get to keep the ebook for free. Not a bad deal!

My second freebie is a signed paperback copy of my newest book of dark fiction short stories Moments of Darkness. You can sign up for my RaffleCopter giveaway here: Moments of Darkness From there you’ll have to Tweet a pre-loaded message to your followers and you’re entered! The contest ends Nov. 26th so hurry and get your entries in! I should be able to send the book anywhere in the world so no worries about where you live.

I’m excited to bring you these chances to get my books in your hands. Of course you can always buy them but when you have a chance to get them for free, why not?

I appreciate your encouragement and sticking with me as I continue this journey. It’s humbling to know how much support I have.

If you’ve read either of my books, I’d be grateful for an honest review left on Amazon and/or GoodReads. That helps others discover my work.