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Sacrifice for Greatness

Nothing worthwhile has ever occurred without tremendous effort and sacrifice. You must be able to set aside your “wants” and make it happen.

Anyone’s who has ever wanted to be a writer, a musician, or an athlete cannot attain greatness without some sort of sacrifice.

I’ve heard time and time again from would-be writers that they want to write. Ok, well do it! You cannot call yourself a writer if all you do is wish to be one. Add pen to paper, scribble a word, and add more. Sit at your computer and type those glorious words one after another. Those are what begin to make you a writer.

guitar-1837044_960_720Learning to play an instrument isn’t easy. Figuring out chords, notes, and timing takes…well, time. You have to practice a lot. There’s no other way around it. Wishing to be a musician doesn’t make it happen.

You must do something in order to achieve these goals. You must get up off your chair and lift weights if you intend on improving your physical strength. You must go out and run if you intend on improving your cardio health. Sitting down and wanting to do these things doesn’t make them happen. Actually doing them does.

runners-373099_960_720In order to achieve any of this, you must be willing to sacrifice something. All of these take time. So instead of playing video games, lift weights. Instead of sleeping in late, you have to get up early to write that story. Instead of watching television, you should practice your scales.

Time is both finite and infinite. We as humans only have so much of it, limiting what we can do with it. How you chose to spend your time will dictate how successful you are in your endeavors. You must be willing to give up whatever time you dedicated to doing nothing to activities that will get you closer to your goal.

Wanting to do something is one thing, but putting your actions into play–actually giving an effort into it–will get you closer to your dreams. Doing so means not doing something else. That’s the sacrifice required to achieve your goals.

How willing are you to let go of what’s holding you back? You’ll be amazed at the results when you are willing to give up your fleeting entertainment in order to focus on your dreams.

Support Your Local Skateboarder, Part 1

Skateboarding meant so much to me for a long time. To this day, I feel an attraction to it. I enjoy watching skaters do their thing and learn new tricks and try pushing themselves further. I still have a skateboard and on occasion take it to the street and mess around, however falling hurts a bit more than it used to!

 Skateboading has taught me so many life lessons that I often don’t realize how important it was forming me into the person I am today.

The most important thing I’ve learned is perseverance. This trait continues in my writing, how I train to run, and with my family and work.

When trying a new trick for the first time, failure is expected. Most likely I’d fall because my weight wasn’t balanced correctly or I was at the wrong angle. No problem. I’d pick myself back up and try again with the knowledge gained from failure. Of course I didn’t always do the trick correctly after that first failure. But I’d learn from each mistake, get back up, and try again, tweaking my approach to the trick until I got it right. I’d learn how to fail (and reduce the pain of it) and try harder to get it right.

This approach has informed my life in powerful ways. I fail at writing. I fail at running. I fail my family and work. But what I learned from skating is that I can reduce the pain of those failures and learn from them. When I fail, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow and improve. 

Failure is a sign that I tried. I can’t fail if I don’t try something I’ve never done before. Getting rejection letters from editors only serves to teach me I need to improve my craft. Getting a slower time in a race teaches me I need to train harder to get faster. But all of these failures mean I’m trying. It means I see a goal and I’m reaching for it. 

I doubt any other activity would’ve made such a lasting impression as skateboarding has on my life. It’s something I lean on every single day as I seek to improve myself.