Gallows Hill Magazine

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know about the latest place to catch one of my stories.

In October, there’s a new horror magazine starting up called Gallows Hill Magazine. It’s run by author/editor/publisher Joshua Demarest.

The inaugural issue contains an interview with Father Gary Thomas, America’s leading exorcist and inspiration behind the movie The Rite.

It also features an in-depth interview with Richard Chizmar, author and founder of the long running and highly successful magazine Cemetery Dance. If you’ve read horror for a long time, you should be familiar with Cemetery Dance.

gh-alternate-cover-100-1-1The issue contains writing tips and a calendar of horror genre events.

It seems like a solid offering for a start-up magazine and amongst all this goodness are two (only two!) short stories. One of them is by author T.J. Tranchell and the other is mine! I remember seeing the call for submissions and figured “why not?” I’m so fortunate I did. I can’t express how humbled and excited I am to be part of something so amazing!

Please consider pre-ordering this new magazine. If not to support my story, do so because of all the awesomeness involved. If you’re a horror fan, you’ve gotta check it out. I can tell you from experience that Joshua is excellent to work with and has high standards. I imagine the magazine will certainly carry on those traits.

Pre-order it here: Gallows Hill Magazine

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Summer of Writing (revisited)

If you missed my post the other day (Summer of Writing) let me visit it once again. Starting July 4th and ending on Sept. 5th (Labor Day in the US) the goal is to write everyday. There is no word limit. There are no projects off the table. It can be something you’re already working on and need a boost to finish. It can be daily blog posts. It can be a novel. It can be short stories. It doesn’t matter what you’re working on so long as you’re writing! I know the 4th has passed but it’s not too late to join us! Whenever you read this post get to writing until Sept. 5th, you’ll be rewarded with your work.

Why did I start this? I want to encourage others to finish what they start. I want to encourage anyone wanting to write to develop the habit of putting words on paper or on the screen. Selfishly I want others to join me. It’s a lonely road as a writer. Having others involved in the same thing as me helps. It’s what I love about NaNoWriMo. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, tag your posts with #sow16 so I can find you and bring us all together. You can also add your Twitter name or Facebook link in the comments below. Let’s do this! Start today!

Continuing with this theme of writing, I want to give an update on what I’m doing and what to expect next.

I’ve been revising a short story (5,ooo words) that a critique group sent back to me. They had a ton of suggestions to help tighten the story and I think it’s a whole lot better because of it. But while working on it I developed an idea to make it part of a larger work. At the moment I think I’m going to make it one part of a collection of short stories revolving around a central theme. All the stories will be connected in one way or another. My initial plan is to shop them around as individual stories or release them on my own one at a time. Once they’re all released I might bring them together in one volume. Each story will come in around the 5,000 word mark with a total of 4 stories. It’s a darker collection of horror stories that I’m tentatively naming “Dark Corridors.” That name will most certainly change.

I’m also still in the early stages of outlining (yeah this pantser is structuring a novel AHEAD of writing it!) a larger Medieval fantasy novel. It will feature dragons, knights, mages, and the like. I’m revisiting a concept from one of the stories I wrote in (Almost) Average Anthology and expanding it for this novel. I’m taking my time with it and hope to have the basic structure ready by early to mid-August. If it comes together sooner that would be great but that’s the deadline I’m working with for now. I’ve attempted and failed at writing a large fantasy story for years. I think this might be the one I see through to the end!

Finally I have a manuscript in the hands of a freelance editor to work it over, tell me what’s wrong, and help me tighten the prose. It should be a couple weeks before I get the first edit back and I anticipate the entire project to be done by mid-August. I also have an artist lined up to create the cover. I’m pumped about releasing my first novel and hope you’ll be part of the excitement when it’s released this Fall!

That’s it for now. Thanks so much for your encouragement and support. It means everything to me. And get to writing…you got this!