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Jason’s Authors You Should Know – Mark Pannebecker

MarkPToday’s author you should know is Mark Pannebecker.

I first met Mark at the St. Louis Indie Book Fair. I came across the event not long after I released my first book (Almost) Average Anthology and I decided to try it out. It was the first time I ever sold copies of my book in person. I was seated next to this tall, skinny guy and I soon found out it was Mark, the organizer of the event!Fraternity

Not long after, I picked up a copy of Mark’s book Fraternity of Fractures and discovered an amazingly talented writer! Mark is passionate about his work and it shows through the prose.

From his Amazon author page:

Mark Pannebecker is an author of literary fiction and the founder of the St. Louis Indie Book Fair, an annual event created to foster authors of fiction and nonfiction. He started out as a filmmaker but soon fell in love with the creative writing process and shifted his focus from producing and directing films to that of writing screenplays, which then led to writing in other narrative forms. Mark writes screenplays, stage plays, novels, novellas, short stories, and is currently writing a series of novelettes. Mark believes in letting function (the story) dictate form. Mark published a collection of poetry titled Motorcycle Boy Lives and a collection of short stories titled Godsfood (both BookLocker, 2015). His first novel Fraternity of Fractures (AuthorHouse, 2016) was written originally as a screenplay.

Mark is always processing storylines for new work. The idea that’s moved to the front of the line–insisting, really, for many years now to be written–is A Fool’s Journey, a 21-part series of novelettes inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each of the twenty-one parts will launch as eBook only, starting in 2017 with Book I, The Magician. He hopes you enjoy A Fool’s Journey, a postmodern bildungsroman.

I encourage you to check out his work and try him out!

On top of writing, Mark is also super supportive of other authors and his event the Indie Book Fair will be looking to go on the road in 2019. Find out more at his website markpannebecker.com.

Come back tomorrow for another author you need to know!

Upcoming Events

Through November, I’ve signed up for several events where you can come out and see me, grab a book, and talk a while.

Here is the current list of events.

pennedcon2017In late September, I’ll be attending PennedCon in St. Louis. The dates are Sept. 29th-30th. This is the 4th year of PennedCon and has over 150 signing authors. It’s a huge Con and the largest authors only event I’ll attend. It’s aim is to bring “authors and readers together for charity.” I’m looking forward to it. If you’re interested in going, I still have maybe 4 free tickets to give away. Just let me know!

On Saturday October 14th, I’ll be at the 9th annual St. Charles City-County Library’s Local Author Open House. The time is from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Last year they had over 100 authors, so I expect this year to be the same. It sounds interesting and it’s free to attend. If you can make it, come on out!

StLouisIndie-300x216Finally, on November 3rd-4th, I’ll be at the St. Louis Indie Book Fair. This year it’s being held at the Kranzberg Arts Center in St. Louis, MO. I did this last year and was one of the first book selling events I attended as an author. We didn’t have much traffic last year, but I outsold almost everyone else so it holds a special place for me.

I do hope you get a chance to make it out to one of these. I’d love to meet new readers. A lot of my larger events are in St. Louis because it’s the closest large city to where I live and I gotta keep cost considerations in line. I may add a couple more shows between now and then. Follow me on Facebook to stay updated. Thanks!