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Jason’s Authors You Should Know – CA King

CAKingToday’s author you should know is C.A. King.

Author C.A. King is a fantastic writer of thrillers, science fiction, and more. She’s a prolific writer too, with over fifteen titles to her credit and many more in the works. Super talented and supportive of indie authors, this Canadian author is one to watch!

I first came across C.A. King in a Facebook group we belong to just over a year ago. Since FourHorsementhen, we’ve participated in a year long “12 Months Of Authors” promo group. Her writing is excellent and well worth your time. She’s the author of the well received Four Horsemen Series as well as the Portal Prophecies Series.

From her Amazon page:

Award winning author, C.A. King, was born and raised in Halton County. She currently resides in Brantford Ontario, Canada with her two sons.

After the loss of her loving parents and husband, Ms. King was devastated. She
decided to retire from the workforce for a year or two to do some soul searching.
It was during this time that writing became her passion. She found she was able
to redirect her emotions through her writing and in 2014 decided to publish some
of her works.

Awards include:
Hamilton Spectator Readers’ Choice Award: Best Local Author 2017
Brant News Readers’ Choice Award: Best Local Author 2017
Readers’ Favourite International Book Awards: Best Novella/Short Story 2017
2017 SIBA Awards – Best Novella
2017 SIBA Awards – Best New Adult

Carol Ann King is proud to have her name join the list of Canadian born authors. She hopes her writing will help inspire another generation of Canadians to continue adding to the literary heritage and rich culture Canada already has to offer. Her books in The Portal Prophecies series are fictional fantasy stories based on opening the door to possibilities.

To find out more, check out her Facebook page or her books on Amazon.

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Jason’s Authors You Need to Know – Ray Wenck

Ray2Today’s author you need to know is Ray Wenck.

Ray is a talented writer of thrillers. He’s got a whole slew of thrillers to choose from: RandomSurvivalpost-apocalyptic, zombie apocalyptic, and more. One of his latest creations is his “Pick-a-Path Apocalypse” books similar to those old “Choose your own adventure” books you remember as a kid. Ray is a prolific writer and has a thriller for just about everyone. I’ve read his book Random Survival and thoroughly enjoyed the fast paced tale.

PickAPathI first met Ray at an event in St. Louis called Contamination back in 2016. We had a fun time on our row with Ray, Vince Churchill, Eric Asher, and Amy Hale. I’ve learned a lot from Ray since then and he introduced me to my editor Jodi who does an amazing job of making my words make sense. He’s been kind enough to share a table with me at the St. Louis Wizard World Comic Con for two years and has offered to share at other cities as well though I’ve yet to be able to take advantage of the offers.

From his Amazon page:

Ray Wenck is a retired teacher and prior owner of DeSimone’s Italian restaurant. He is the author of the Danny Roth thriller series and the highly acclaimed, post-apocalyptic series, Random Survival.

The Danny Roth series includes Teammates, Teamwork, Home Team and Stealing Home and Group Therapy.

The Random Survival series includes The Long Search For Home, The Endless Hunt and Hanging On.

Also published are the humorous YA adventure, Warriors of the Court, the paranormal thriller, Ghost of a Chance. the suspense thriller, Live To Die Again and the Zombie thrillers, Tower of the Dead and Island of the Dead. His latest release is Pick-A-Path: Apocalypse, a choose your own adventure for adults.

When not writing Ray hikes, cooks and plays harmonica with whatever band will let him sit in.

To find out more about Ray, visit his website raywenck.com or his Amazon author page for a list of his books.

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Giving Back

Advice from other writers is always something to take carefully. We all have our way of doing things and we all come to success in our own way (I’m still trying to find mine!)

I enjoy encouraging other writers or would-be writers. I know what it’s like to dream of being a writer. I know how it felt when I started and I was clueless to much of the process. I know what it’s like to fret because no one knows who I am or has read my work. It sucks.

I’ve had several writers extend a hand or helpful words of wisdom and that’s been awesome.

Whenever I get the chance to help someone else out I jump on it. Who knows where the next major talent is? In this world of indie publishing where the market is oversaturated with works from misguided “writers” to super-talented authors, I want to encourage and lift up those that need a voice, that need an audience because they’re so talented and others need to know.

Have you heard of Aaron Hamilton, Thomas Gunther, Pamela Morris, Ray Wenck, Brent Harris, or Christa Yelich-Koth? Maybe, but it’s more likely you haven’t. They’re all super talented authors of scifi and/or horror (Or in Ray’s case, thrillers). I love sharing these types of writers with others because we can all use a hand once in a while. We may write by ourselves, but we need a team to share the word about our work.

One of the things I enjoy most about selling at Cons is meeting new authors/writers that are unsure what to do with their work or how to get started. I am as transparent as possible. Indie publishing is not a guarded secret, though many who haven’t tried it are as lost as I was when I started. I share my experience with anyone that asks, encouraging them to work hard at their craft and what pitfalls to watch out for. Not that I have “best-selling author” advice, but I’m more than willing to share my experience in hopes that it will inspire them to take their own journey.

Their voice, like those of the authors listed above, might be what we need next.

I hope when I meet new writers seeking advice they seek additional voices. The more information they can gather, the better informed they’ll be and maybe, just maybe, they’ll break through and be the next major indie sensation. Or maybe not. They may simply be fulfilling a lifelong goal, and there’s nothing wrong with that.