(Almost) Average


Somewhere in the middle.  In between great and worthless.  Mediocre.  Average is the “measure of central tendency.”

I’ve been thinking about that for a while.  What makes me “average?”  Who are those members of our society that hold down the polar opposites to make me average?  How many are here with me?

But then again, I’m “almost” average.  I’m not quite dead center.  At times, I lean to the right and yet I have tendencies to the left.  I’m not rich, though far from poor.  

I admire those that have the drive and fortitude to achieve greatness.  It is their attainment of the spectacular that gives hope to us average folk.  I don’t envy the problems associated with great wealth or fame or notoriety.  Though I do look to their achievements as marks to reach.  We all need goals to push us beyond what we take comfort in.  When we grab hold of those goals and make them real, we begin to pull ourselves out of mediocrity into the realm of the greater.

I pity those that give in, that have no hope and intentionally repress any and all sense of greatness.  They often have a tendency to desire company and in doing so, are able to pick off the weaker “average” people and bring them down with them.  

In the middle, I face the easy temptation of the lesser path that beckons with boasts of ease and lack of personal responsibility.  I also face the calling of the greater, the force pushing ahead towards a common good for my family and others in my community.  

I face a constant calling from both sides and daily have to decide which path to choose.  I am not alone in my choices, as I lean heavily on my faith to inform my decisions.  So I struggle, but I continue because to stop is giving in to the lesser.

So, with that said, I look for ways to constantly improve.  I look for ways to leave my mark.  I look for opportunities to reach up out of the average and slowly, carefully climb upwards.  Who knows, I just might get there.

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