Summer of Writing

OK, I’m gonna throw this challenge out there. Starting July 4th and ending on Labor Day (Monday Sept. 5th) let’s have a Summer of Writing!

The goal is to push yourself to write – Every. Single. Day.

There won’t be a word count required per day. Write as much as you can. That might be 100 words, it might be 5,000. No matter what – WRITE!

You can work on a project you’ve already started or you can start something new. It can be a bunch of different projects as well. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you write.

Think of it as a sort of NaNoWriMo without a word count goal. If you want to include a goal, by all means share it with everyone else so we can support you. You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook  and together we’ll share our experience and push each other further.

Share the challenge with other writers. We can use the hashtag #sow16 to find one another.

You can do it! We can do it!

Let the Summer of Writing begin!

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